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File description pages can be tagged with alert messages. This makes it as easy as possible for readers, Wikimedians, and this wiki's administrators to become aware of important information about that file. These often also help with the categorization of files.

File copyright tags

Visit the Category:File namespace templates for the most complete list of available tags.

Tag Display
Template:Tl Template:Documentation file
Template:Tl Template:Extension file
Template:Tl Template:Historical image
Template:Tl Template:ImageFromMeta
Template:Tlx Template:Linked image
Template:Tlx Template:MoveToCommons
Template:Tl renderTranslatedTemplate|template=Template:Non-free use rationale|noshift=1|uselang=⧼lang⧽}}
Template:Tlx Template:Required image
Template:Tlx Template:Unused file

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