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There are 2 hydroponic installations in Industra at the moment


Multilayer DFT (Deep Flow Technique) setup best suited for growing leafy greens

Key facts:

  • 4 layers
  • 64 plants
  • 4 different spectra
  • 600W of power
  • Water cooled LEDs
  • Tasty lettuces
  • 28 days from seedling to harvest (for lettuce)


One more experimental hydroponics system (Deep Water Culture, DWC) with water cooled LED lighting that can grow plants with longer vegetational period, like tomatoes or bell/chili peppers. Initial layout was heavily inspired by FoodComputer project

  • Lighting: Cree LEDs 58w total, PPFD up to 440 μmol/m2/s
  • Spectrum: 4000K + 660nm + 710nm
  • Controller: custom esp32 based